Temporary insurance and renewable insurance

A furnished rental can be concluded on a firm period or a renewable period. It depends of the goal of the stay or of the choice of the lessor.

  • Temporary rental (firm period): for example a stay between 1 and 365 days at the end of which the tenant must leave or ask for an extension. In this case, the rental lease is called « temporary furnished home that is not the main residence of the tenant » or « seasonal furnished rental contract ».

    The insurance contract must have the same duration and will automatically stop at the end of the stay. The tenant has nothing to do.
  • Rental beyond 365 days: it will be a lease called « furnished rental contract, main residence » that will automatically renew each year.

    The insurance contract will work the same: if the tenant leaves the place on an ongoing contract, he must inform his insurer and justify his check-out.

    Sometimes, a tenant can sign a lease with more than 12 months but not automatically renewable. In this case, the insurance will be done for 12 months with automatic renewal because in France, a home contract duration can not exceed 12 months excepted by using a clause of renewal.

Whatever the duration of the stay, it is key that the lease and the insurance are fitting together. We offer a wide spectrum of contracts that will adapt to your needs.

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