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The FFI Premium offer contains a quality Comprehensive Home insurance and a Cancellation/ Stay interruption insurance.

Comprehensive Home insurance

The comprehensive home insurance offers a lot of other guarantees that simple locative/vacation resort liability:   
  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Theft / Vandalism / Theft and loss of your keys
  • Glass breakage
  • Electrical damages
  • Responsability as a tenant
  • Responsability private life (covering private life acts, formal and non-formal education activities, non-paid internship)
  • Assault outside home
  • Electronical or informatical material damage
  • 24/7 assistance for any emergency situation of locksmithing, plumbing, electricity, glazing,etc. The assistance service takes over expenses in whole or in part. And, if necessary, can organize your resettlement.

You can choose between various formulas and amounts of guarantees, systematically covering rented home and furniture and your personal belongings.

Cancellation/Interruption insurance

The aim of the cancellation/interruption insurance is to refund in whole or in part paid rental to the owner if you have to cancel or end your stay further to an event determined in the contract: serious illness, death of a close one, refusal for a tourist's visa, administrative summon, professional transfer, etc. This guarantee covers stays up to 120 000 euros. This way, you will protect your stay costs.

  • Agency fee can be also covered
  • Guarantee can be extended to round trip transport cost (plane, train, boat). This way, you will protect your transport costs.

We have improve this guarantee with additionals advantages such as:

  • Refund of additionals costs that you will have to put in to resettle if the rented home is not identical to the description, or if a major claim make it uninhabitable just before your check-in.
  •  Family guarantee that allows all policyholders to get the Cancellation / Interruption insurance even if only 1 participant could not come.   
  • Refund of all costs that you may have to put in to fix accidental damages made to the rental home (building and furniture). This way, you will protect your security deposit

Warranties, covered events and limits are detailed throughout general and specific provisions.   

Why is it usefull?

You want a full coverage, a luxury housing, you have a rent over 30 000 euros (for all the stay) or the duration of your stay is long: FFI Premium is the best solution for you.

You want to take only the comprehensive home insurance? No worries, Cancellation part is optional.

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