Vacation civil liability insurance

It is an essential insurance for any short stay, especially for an holiday rental

The vacation civil liability insurance:

This insurance will cover your civil liability (as a tenant) in case of fire, explosion or water damage involving your responsability.
Building, furniture (sometimes) and any damags done to the neighbors or any third parties of the rented home are covered.


The vacation civil liability insurance of the FFI Travel Pack is an extended guarantee:

For any case of fire, explosion, water damage or broken glass (with a property nature) involving your responsability, we will cover damages:     
  • Made to the rented building and furniture
  • Done to the neighbors or third parties through the rented home
  • Touching your personal belongings up to 15 000 euros
In case of any claim or demand from the lessor, neighbors or third parties, we will help and assist you.
Warranties, covered events and limits are detailed throughout the contract.