Long Stay Insurance

You are planning to stay in France for your studies or for a professionnal mission. You are going to rent a place for more than 12 months, or for 1 year renewable at the end (lease called renewable by « tacite reconduction »).

You can subscribe to our comprehensive home insurance and have the same advantages than the FFI Premium offer.

Comprehensive home insurance 

  • Fire
  • Water damage
  • Theft / Vandalism / Theft and loss of your keys
  • Glass breakage
  • Electrical damages
  • Responsability as a tenant
  • Responsability private life (covering private life acts, formal and non-formal education activities, non-paid internship)

24/7 Assistance

for any emergency situation of locksmithing, plumbing, electricity, glazing,etc. The assistance service takes over expenses in whole or in part.
And, if necessary, can organize your resettlement.
You can choose between various formulas and amounts of guarantees, systematically covering rented home and furniture and your personal belongings.

 Warranties, covered events and limits are detailed throughout general and specific provisions. 
Why is it an attractive offer?

This type of contract allows to be tacitly renewable on a 12 months period. That means that unless otherwise requested, the guarantee will be renewed at its end.
No need to worry about following the contract. We do it for you and we will warn you of the renewal information at each end. You will be more relaxed.

To receive a proposal, it is really easy, just follow the link towards the FFI PREMIUM form.

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