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Leak research


What we call « leak research » forms a key step during management procedure of a water damage claim. It is also a common stress reason.


Key first because no damage can be assessed or indemnified without getting leak repair proof. As a leak origin is often not visible, research step is requested. This is why any comprehensive home insurance contract contains a guarantee for payed costs made to find the leak.

Stress then because anybody understands what « leak research » means but insurer has a more specific idea of it: for him, leak research costs are those which are necessary to make an access to a leak through a destructive operation.

For example, break a bathtub apron, open a wall, cut a mold.

Insurer pay back destruction costs and repair costs of the destroyed part. 


2 important things must be kept in mind:

  • The first one is that insurer will not pay back non destructive researchs. Consequently, if your plumber want to bill the time spent on checking drains and reachable pipelines, do not expect to be refund by your insurer.
  • The second one is that some dishonest plumbers can charge way to much on a non destructive research saying that it will be pay by insurer. This is not true.



Some others charge even more those costs, using the same excuse, to justify high repair costs. In most cases, repair costs are not payed back by insurers.



We recommend you to be extremely cautious if a claim happens.

If you are one of our customers covered by a comprehensive home insurance, you have an assistance service that will put you through well- known providers. Do not hesitate to use it.