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Inventory of fixtures

Home rental comes with a certain formalism that must not be seen as off-putting. If a dispute happens, it will be usefull to prove good faith and real involvement of parties.

In despite of those who like verbal agreement, inventory fixtures is key to be sure of having a nice end of stay, without any bad surprise.

It is a document that must be filled, dated and signed by the tenant and the lessor (or his representative) at the beginning and at the end of the stay. It lists home rooms, their general condition (ceiling, walls, floor) and take an inventory of home furniture and common contents.

It indicates home condition before and after tenant’s stay. It is much more difficult to blame a tenant for a damage already seen during the beginning inventory.  
In addition, it can be used to justify the permanent leave of the tenant and terminate the insurance contract.

Whether it is an holiday rental or a long term stay, ask to fill up this form and take your time to test each equipment.

  • For example: a customer tolds us that his lessor had deducted his security deposit of the cost of an electric space heater. Our customer had not tested it and never used it during his stay but the malicious lessor has thought to test it during the ending inventory.

  • Other example: a convertible sofa working very well as a sofa turned out to be totally broken and impossible to use in bed position

Do not hesitate to insist and to take some time to do things properly. It is in the mutual interest of tenant and lessor. If needed, our customer have access to a model document in their Customer area.

We can understand that in a friendly atmosphere, everybody is tempted to forgot this formality for fear to question the good faith of each person but it can be a miscalculation.