FFI Offer

 Brokers for 25 years, we have created, on customers’ request, insurance products for furnished home tenants.

Those products have been conceived with rental agencies that have a wide knowledge of sector features. They are broadcasted directly through our website or through partner rental agencies in their booking process:

FFI Travel Pack

For short stays (under 30 days), this pack contains:

  • Vacation civil liability extended to your personal belongings
  • Cancellation / interruption insurance (up to 30 000 euros)
  • Accidental home damage cover (up to 5000 euros)

With this product, you have fullfilled insurance obligation (check your lease to be sure that your lessor do not ask for a specific insurance), you are protecting paid rents and also your security deposit.

Comprehensive home insurance

Fitted for every kind of stay (firm period or renewable rent) and offered in 3 gradual ways, it is a complete package guaranteeing:

  • Your private life civil liability and your family’s (also during formal and non-formal education activities and also during internship needed for studies)
  • Your civil liability as a tenant
  • Damages made by a fire, a water damage, a theft or a vandalism, a glass breakage, an electrical damage, an mugging outside your home (Guarantees and limits are depending on the insurance taken).
This product also includes a 24/7 assistance guarantee providing:
  • A rehousing at hotel, if a claim make your rented home uninhabitable
  • Organization and participation of a service provider (plumber, locksmith, electrician, glazier) to fix an urgent damage (excluding breakdown or failure). Labour costs, parts costs and visit costs are taken up to 200 euros.

 Cancellation/Interruption insurance

Sold with a comprehensive home insurance and intended to stays until 365 days, it contains:

  • Vacation civil liability insurance extended to your personal belongings
  • Cancellation/interruption insurance (up to 120 000 euros)
  • Accidental damages guarantee (up to 8000 euros)

You are protecting paid rents and your security deposit.