In France, unlike other countries, tenants are not covered by the owner’s or the building insurance:  the tenant is therefore liable for any loss or damage that occurs during their stay in the rented apartment and in the building, in the event of water damage, fire and explosion.

This is why multi-risk residential assurance is essential: it covers you against these risks, and more, depending on the options selected.

Actual examples of losses managed by French Furnished Insurance policies:
- Water damage caused by a neighbour, suffered by Lora P. €320
"Dear all,  I have no comments about the professional qualities ofyour team, because thanks to you the owner of the apartments wasindemnified though he claimed that I have to pay for the damage and heclosed my deposit for the apartments for more than 2 months. Anyway Ithank you for your support. It was very helpful to know my rights. Lora."
- Door broken by a burglar, Anastasia V. €833
"Hello, I have no complaints regarding the payment of my claim. Iam very satisfied with the reaction of the management and the paymentitself. Best, Anastasia."
- Theft suffered by Vivian L. €401
"As for the feedback, I really appreciate/appreciated the quickreplies and efficiency of you and your team.  Thank you so much onceagain for your help. Thank you. Sincerely, Vivian."
- Cancellation of stay. Reimbursement of rent for Gary L. €1112
"Thank you for your excellent claim service and customer service. It was very much appreciated. Gary."
- Flooding of an art gallery, coming from the apartment rented by Donald R. €306,000
- Fire in the apartment rented by Poly M. €40,000
  Accommodation in a hotel for the tenant and their family, coverage of the difference in rent between the 1st and 2nd rental, repairs to the apartment and replacement of electrical household appliances.
- Overflowing sink in the apartment rented by Steve L. €2125
- Cancellation of stay: reimbursement of agency fees for Nina C. €376
- Lost keys by Philippe C. €470
With French Furnished Insurance, you are automatically provided with a multilingual telephone assistance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you need an emergency plumber, window replacement or locksmith, plus transfer and hotel accommodation if the rented apartment is no longer habitable following an insured loss.
- You can choose from one of 3 multi-risk insurance packages: Access, Classic, Premium
- You can also choose the Cancellation/suspension of stay option, to obtain reimbursement of all or part of the rent and agency fees (if you have to cancel or suspend the rental), which covers any accidental damage to movable property belonging to the owner. You can even insure your flight or train tickets.
Case, terms and conditions according to package and options chosen.